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Baking Mama Tina Ledesma-Rivera infront of her shop before end of 2019

I have a story to tell

Welcome to Baking Mama, a blog that I have long been wanting to start. For some reason, something’s been pulling me from starting this blog. Maybe it was my fear that I am not interesting enough. I am not a good writer. I might not be able to tell a story that can merit one’s attention.

My favorite line about story telling is from Patricia Evangelista, the producer of the television show “Storyline” in the Philippines. She said:

It doesn’t have to be a monumental story. It just needs spirit. We want a story that has heart, and we need a storyteller who can tell a story.

I am a baker with a small bakeshop in Hoboken, New Jersey. I am also a mom and a wife. I may not have the most compelling story but I have one. I hope to share my stories with you with this blog.

Let’s begin.

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