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Baking Mama opens

4th Birthday

Four years ago I opened Baking Mama to the public. It was a day filled with uncertainties. Would people come in to buy? Would Hoboken welcome me? Would I be able to withstand the rigors of running a bakeshop?

Fast forward to 2020, Baking Mama is still here. People have been coming in to the shop. Hoboken welcomed me with open arms. I am now also in Jersey City. I’ve always thought that my customers are now my friends. Despite working almost 12 hours for six days a week for the past years, I am still able to do some all-nighters every now and then to finish some orders.

We all know what’s been happening all over the world. I’ve temporarily closed the retail side of my business. The streets are empty. I went to the shop this morning and opened it just like how I’ve been used to doing it for the past years. I felt it once again. Uncertainty.

I am uncertain about Baking Mama. The economy. The virus. I am even uncertain as to when the next season of Peaky Blinders would be coming out. Or will there ever be another good TV drama from South Korea after Crash Landing on You that I can binge on.

We really do not know what’s in store for the future. The reality is that things are never certain. We have all gone through uncertainties that there is really no point anymore to complain about it. Just be grateful. I am grateful to you for allowing me to do the work that I love doing.

Thank you!

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  • Reply Nurse Nat

    I just tasted 1 of your chocolate chip cookies and I must say it was really delicious!! 😋 I received it as a Thank You gift for National Nurses Day! I shared a piece with my son because “Mommy” can never have anything all for herself!☺️ He told me to tell you that was the “Best Cookie” that he ever had!! 😁 Keep doing what you love and I hope that your retail store is back open soon. God Bless. 🙏🏾

    May 6, 2020 at 9:47 pm
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